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A Message to the WVU Family

As we near the end of July, we are over halfway through the year. I am certain no one envisioned this is what our world would be like as we rang in 2020. The hope and promise we felt in January has turned into anxiety and stress as we continue to navigate a pandemic that forges onward, wreaking havoc across our country and within our communities.

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The New Normal

Everyone wants to get back to “normal,” but many recognize that this crisis will culminate in a “new normal.” The real question for me and for all of us is: What should our University look like as we face this new world?

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Self Care

C.S. Lewis, along with his Oxford University faculty colleague and friend, J.R.R. Tolkien, are two of my favorite writers. They were both in the army in World War I and later lived through the terrible challenges of World War II.

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The Oscar-nominated short film “Heroin(e)” is a timely reminder of the uniquely resilient Mountaineer character — honed by adversity and inspired by compassion for our neighbors.

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Social Distancing

My daughter, Rebekah, recently told some friends that socially distancing is hard for me because my idea of a quiet evening at home is having 400 people for dinner.

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