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Development of Black Student Leaders

Action Items

  • Better prioritize the Mountaineer Volunteer Program, an already existing series of workshops that addresses the fundamental challenges to effective volunteering. The Program was created with input from the Student Service Advisory Committee and empowers students by providing, adapting and advancing diversified volunteer service experiences that enhance personal growth and civic-minded development. 
  • Better support the WVU Social Action Clinic, which seeks to support social change through the use of structured clinics for community-driven students. This year, with guided assistance from a team of experts, the Clinic supported 10 creative and ambitious campus change projects affecting WVU and the surrounding community.
  • Use a “personal growth groups” model to develop mentoring opportunities with the goal of imprinting positive and lasting effects on our Black students.

Corey Farris

Corey Farris

Co-Chair, Development of Black Leaders Dean of Students

Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy, Co-Chair

Assistant Director, Center for Service and Learning Assistant Director, Center for Service and Learning