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Campus Guests

President Gee talking to Bill Withers
Eve Lee speaks from podium
Presenting Brad Smith his plaque
Rodgin Cohen and President Gee
Michael Cary, Joy Fryson, President Gee, David Fryson and Wayne Crozier
Rudy Almasy, Sylvia Matthews Burwell and President Gee
President Gee with Dean David Stewart, and Dean Zito Sartarelli
Javier Reyes, Cindi Roth, President Gee, Marty Becker and Greg Burton pose for a group photo
President Gee speaks to Energy Express mentors
Brian Anderson, President Gee, Eric Spiegel and David C. Hardesty Jr.
President Gee with three students
President Gee and students laughing
Jim Dailey, Kay Goodwin and President Gee
Dr. Richard Cavanagh, Dr. Paul Hill, Hannah Clipp, President Gee an d Dr. Maja Husar Holmes
President Gee, Nicholas Wince and the rest of the Wince family
President Gee and other tour members interact with laboratory equipment
Robert Fitzsimmons shakes hands with President Gee
Jerome Gilbert, Jim Justice, Gordon Gee and Michael Adelman
UIDP General Meeting attendees in Morgantown
John Chambers speaks to event attendees
President Gee talks with Tanya McGonegal
Maura McLaughlin, President Gee and Norm Augustine