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Fiscal update from President Gee

 January 9, 2014

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues:

Across the nation, fiscal challenges continue to be dealt with on all levels – federal, state and local. Our state of West Virginia is no exception. As revenue collections are running behind budget, the state is asking West Virginia University for an additional $1.5 million mid-year reduction in State funding.

I want to assure each of you that West Virginia University had planned for this possibility. We will not seek further reductions from departments and colleges. What we will need to do is continue to forge ahead with our 2020 Strategic Plan and its important goals. We must continue to improve academic quality, retain and recruit superb faculty and staff, and provide the best academic environment for our students.

These times require us to be innovative, creative and forward-thinking. I am confident that together we will continue to strive for an even brighter future for West Virginia University.

E. Gordon Gee