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Journey of Self-Discovery: WVU's 2016-2017 institutional message

September 2, 2016

Dear West Virginia University family,

The lessons we remember most may not always come from textbooks or even classrooms. They often unravel in the journey of self-discovery.

As a public, land-grant, highest-research institution, it is our mission to support everyone as they discover their passions. Our students, faculty and staff may not have all the answers when they arrive, but West Virginia University provides the platform and the tools to nurture curiosity, inspire innovation and guide them to the answers they seek.

That spirit is captured in our new 30-second national television spot, which will begin airing Saturday during the Mountaineers football game against Missouri.

Enjoy this exclusive preview of West Virginia University’s 2016-2017 national television ad campaign. And let us never forget the final tagline of this commercial that serves as our rallying cry: “Let’s go!”


E. Gordon Gee 
President, West Virginia University