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Spring Break Message to WVU Students

March 5, 2014

Dear Students:

You are very close to spring break — a time many of you escape to warmer climates and a more relaxed atmosphere — a welcome change from the extreme cold and snowstorms we’ve been experiencing this winter and a chance to take a much-deserved breather from those early morning lectures and late nights at the library.

And, over the next week, it is important that you treat yourself to a little fun.

Whether you spend your spring break with family at home, on a service learning trip, or with friends in a sunny paradise, I want you to return happy and healthy for the remainder of the spring semester.

Remember to be responsible. Do not overindulge. Do not endanger yourself or others. Use common sense.

We have made it this far into the spring semester, and I look forward to seeing you back on campus to finish the year strong. We have finals to conquer—and some of you will be graduating.

Now back to spring break — get to work on those tans and have some fun!


E. Gordon Gee