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WVU Board votes to move WVU Tech to Beckley campus

September 2, 2015

To the West Virginia University Institute of Technology Family:

Since the founding of the school in 1895, thousands of Tech graduates have achieved career and personal success. I count many of you among my friends. And since returning to Morgantown two years ago, I have had the honor of meeting and getting to know many more Tech faculty, staff, students and alumni.

You are a proud, strong and distinguished Golden Bear family. That will not change.

The proud traditions associated with Tech will continue. These include stellar engineering and other top-ranked academic programs, faculty as mentors and friends, hands-on training and experiences, successful athletic teams and engaged student life programs. These activities will still be a part of the Tech experience. They will just exist in a new location by Fall 2017.

Tech students – along with faculty, staff and senior leaders – will continue to blaze new pathways, forge new partnerships and build new traditions while honoring the legacy that defines WVU Tech.

Arriving at this decision was not easy. However, it is the best decision for West Virginia University to continue serving the students of southern West Virginia in the most effective and efficient means possible, while preserving the values and experience WVU Tech delivers.

I look forward to working with you as we build WVU Beckley, Home of WVU Tech, into a vibrant, energetic campus of higher learning that both educates and empowers our students – and our citizens – to move the state of West Virginia forward.

E. Gordon Gee