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Gee Mail: Finding Strength in Change

April 27, 2023

Everyone is on a journey to find and fulfill a unique purpose. I know as well as anyone that those travels can take unexpected detours and sometimes, it seems the only constant is change. But change, while it can be unsettling, is a necessary part of life’s expedition.

In this video, I talk about the decisions that changed me from a Utah teen dreaming of a medical career to becoming a university president. I would not trade that path for anything, but it might have been easier if I had tools to help me identify my strengths earlier in my career.

Today, I lean into my strengths to lead West Virginia University as we address the challenges and opportunities we face, to embrace transformation and to be inspired by those around me.

The West Virginia University Purpose Center enables everyone on campus to use CliftonStrengths to learn who we are, how we show up for ourselves and how we show up for others.

With our strengths as guideposts, I know we can shift the arc of our journey toward fulfilling lives and a stronger West Virginia University.