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Gee Mail: Fresh advice for the 2017-2018 year

August 18, 2017

For 150 years, West Virginia University students have been learning, having fun and changing the world. 

With a new semester, we continue that tradition. At West Virginia University, you can seize opportunities as varied as creating engineering innovations in Mexico, researching cancer biology with an expert scientist or joining the Hip Hop Club. 

So, as the semester continues, get out there and get going. 

Embrace service to others. Seek new solutions. Respect and care for each other. And show the world that Mountaineers Go First. 

Whether you are in Morgantown, Keyser, at WVU Tech’s brand-new Beckley home, studying abroad or learning online, you are part of ONE West Virginia University and ONE Mountaineer family. Everyone here is eager to help you succeed. 

Our best experts on that process—last year’s Mountaineer seniors—have even left behind some wisdom to help you make the most of this year. So, watch this Gee Mail and put their advice into practice. 

Your future starts now. So work hard, open your hearts to new friends and open your minds to new ideas. 

Let’s go! 
Signature of E. Gordon Gee
E. Gordon Gee 
President, West Virginia University